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Candidates demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate the effective integration of appropriate technologies and instructional materials.

Description of Artifact 1

Developed for GDIT 705 "Cognition and Instructional Design" with Dr. Carbonara in Spring 2021, artifact 1 provides an overview of the cueing (or signaling) principle of multimedia design.  The project included a look at various multimedia principles with this portion looking at how to draw a user's attention to the parts of a document or material which the author intends to be the most relevant or salient.  

Reflection on Artifact 1

The goal of this project was to expose class participants to the various principles in multimedia design, and in particular, the role that signaling and cueing plays in guiding a user's attention through a document, screen, page, etc.  I believe I assessed the principle appropriately and ended my assessment with a video overview to further illustrate the principle.

Artifact 1

Screenshot of paper written for assignment

Artifact 1

Artifact 2

Screenshot of paper written for assignment

Description of Artifact 2

This project was developed in GDIT 719 "Learner-Computer Interaction" in Fall 2021 with Dr. Heo, tasking the class to evaluate an everyday object.  The purpose of the assignment was to challenge students to take an object we use frequently, and observe it in a different light. For example, what affordances does the object make to signify the object's purpose? Does the object have signifiers as to how to use it, and does it provide feedback that it is working as it should function?

Reflection on Artifact 2

This artifact supports meeting the standard of assessing and evaluating everyday items for use in instructional design.  Although I do not believe this artifact stands alone in reaching the standard, I believe it combines with artifact 1 to demonstrate my ability to assess an everyday object through the lens of instructional design. This project challenged me to evaluate many items I used on a daily basis, considering functionality, usability, feedback, etc., and how those objects could be used in a learning environment.

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