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Candidates apply content pedagogy to create appropriate applications of processes and technologies to improve learning and performance outcomes.

Description of Artifact

This project was created in GDIT 705 "Cognition and Instructional Design" in Spring 2021 with Dr. Carbonara as a learning module assignment. Drawing from one of my earlier professional experiences and degree disciplines, this learning module is an online communication course called "Introduction to Persuasive Speaking." The communication course was designed as an entry-level course on communication theory, with a look at persuasive communications in particular. This learning module introduced course participants to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) which the University was implementing the following Summer semester.  


I think this artifact demonstrates my abilities to create instructional content using various learning theories and technologies to create learning environments and achieve performance outcomes.  This project was developed prior to the University moving to Canvas, so I used a free version to develop the course. In addition, I developed outcomes and theoretical foundations for each lesson presented in the learning module.  This artifact is also a demonstration of my ability to create course content in a learning management system.

Screenshot of learning module
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