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Candidates implement appropriate educational technologies and processes based on appropriate content pedagogy.

Description of Artifact

This interactive Powerpoint was created for GDIT 715 "Learning Theories and Instructional Design" in Fall 2021 with Dr. Kush. The goal of the assignment was to encourage course participants to use an interactive presentation as a method of instruction to demonstrate the ability to use Powerpoint in an interactive and engaging way to facilitate student learning.  I chose to create a quiz about various learning theories for this project.  The questions are multiple choice, with the correct answer giving a positive response and the incorrect answer generating a "sad" response.  The slides encourage the participant to try again or move forward in the lesson. Along the way, the screens include trivia and other facts about various educational theories and theorists.  

PPTX Version (Large File)

Screenshot of PPTX version of power point


I believe that this artifact demonstrates the indicator by using Powerpoint as an interactive technology using learning theories and content pedagogy.  Though I could have selected multiple projects for this standard, I believe this interactive Powerpoint addresses the standard and indicator most closely. The original interactive presentation was created in Visme, but it is presented here in both PPTX and PDF formats to ensure that it is viewable to a larger audience. The appearance varies slightly in PPTX format.

PDF Version

Screenshot of a PDF version of an assignment
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