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Refection on Practice

Candidates analyze and interpret data and artifacts and reflect on the effectiveness of the design, development, and implementation of technology-supported instruction and learning to enhance their professional growth.

Description of Artifact 1

This artifact was developed in GDIT 716 "Design of the User Experience" in Summer 2021 with Dr. Carbonara. The assignment asked participants to develop a wire frame or prototype of a product which may be useful to learners through the use of technology.  The artifact is only part of the overall project, but focuses more on the design and implementation of a product. 

Reflection on Artifact 1

In the artifact presented, our team described the wire framing process we were undertaking as we developed an application for Physician Assistant, Nursing, and Pharmacy students to use in their clinical experiences.  We considered design, ease of use, appealing visuals and graphics, and compatibility of hardware, along with relevant research data. In the final stages of the project, we proposed an app called "Clinical GO," which was very well-received by faculty in the Physician Assistant department; it is something we may pursue as a viable app in the future. It is difficult to say that this artifact is completely tied to the standard, but I believe it provides a look at how to develop and implement technology to support student learning and growth.

Artifact 1

Screenshot of project

Artifact 2

Description of Artifact 2

This artifact was developed in GDIT 719 "Learner-Computer Interaction" in Fall 2021 with Dr. Heo. Participants were to create a project to nudge learners toward information to which they should pay closer attention. In instructional design, designers would use the "nudging" technique to gently move learners toward information they need to learn for assignments, etc. Visual cues are helpful in online learning environments in which the instructor may not be present to discuss the relevant material. Nudges can also serve to reinforce messages or items which are being discussed during class meeting sessions.

Reflection on Artifact 2

In developing this artifact, I opted to create an info graphic about wearing masks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of wearing masks was being debated all over the world and in the United States in particular. I did not develop this project as a form of political statement, but as an example of how an instructional designer might use signaling and cueing to nudge the viewer to the information deemed to be the most critical. Although this artifact does not completely reach the standard, I believe it touches upon the effectiveness of design and development as noted in the standard.

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