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Candidates demonstrate an inquiry process that assesses the adequacy of learning and evaluates the instruction and implementation of educational technologies and processes grounded in reflective practice.

Description of Artifact

The two artifacts presented here were developed for GDIT 713 "Computational Thinking" in Spring 2021 with Dr. Kush. This assignment asked class participants to assess various learning technologies which we may one day implement into our own instructional design plans.  The two artifacts selected for this standard are reviews of apps called ScratchJr and Daisy the Dinosaur which are both block-style coding programs.  Each program teaches students how to perform basic computer coding in the hope that they may become interested in coding, logic, problem solving, etc. 


Having the ability to evaluate apps and think critically about their usability and usefulness as a connection to learning theories is crucial in instructional design.  My evaluation of ScratchJr (artifact 1) revealed that some icons were not fully representative of their functionality, and while the settings options allowed the user to change language within the app, other changes such as colors, fonts, and brightness/contrast were not adjustable. In artifact 1A, Daisy the Dinosaur, the design was extremely simple and will help young learners as they begin to code. I believe these reviews work together to demonstrate my ability to assess technologies for possible use in learning environments, thinking carefully through the strengths and weaknesses of each app.

Artifact 1

Screenshot of paper written for the assignment

Artifact 1A

Screenshot of paper written for assignment
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