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Candidates manage appropriate technological processes and resources to provide supportive learning communities, create flexible and diverse learning environments, and develop and demonstrate appropriate content pedagogy.

Description of Artifact

This artifact comes from GDIT 715 "Learning Theories and Instructional Design" in Fall 2021 with Dr. Kush, to examine the role of instructional technology for different types of learners. This project examined areas such as how the use of technology-based instruction can be different for adult learners, cultural considerations, gender differences, and more.  


I believe that this assignment addresses the indicator because it considers how designers must consider the audience when developing instructional designs, including the types of technologies learners will use.  For example, older learners may need more introductory time with the technology and the learning modules than younger learners.  Adapting content pedagogy for cultural or gender differences must also be considered, which the artifact discusses, as well as providing three recommendations for instructional designers. This artifact may fall short of "managing" as most people define it, but I believe it does a reasonable job of addressing much of the actual indicator as defined by AECT.

Screenshot of paper written for assignment
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