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Candidates demonstrate the ability to effectively manage people, processes, physical infrastructures, and financial resources to achieve predetermined goals.

Description of Artifact 1

This artifact is borrowed from my professional role in the School of Nursing at Duquesne University. The Dean asked me to develop a presentation for her as she prepared to meet with her board of advisors in Fall 2022.  To develop the presentation, I pulled information from various reports, media coverage, personnel in the School, and more. The presentation covers a broad range of activities, opportunities, and challenges faced by the School.

Reflection on Artifact 1 

This project demonstrates my ability to manage people and information to achieve the goal of developing a comprehensive presentation for use at an executive level. While I believe this artifact mostly addresses the indicator, it is not a perfect match.  Developing the presentation falls short of demonstrating management of physical infrastructures and financial resources, though those are mentioned within the presentation. 

Artifact 1

Screenshot of presentation

Artifact 2A

Screenshot of project

Description of Artifact 2A, 2B, and 2C

Another artifact borrowed from my professional role, this is a after-event report from the Accepted Students Day 2021 in which I coordinated a virtual event for the School of Nursing, the School of Pharmacy, and the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.  The project included virtual booths for information, presentations in virtual auditoriums and more. A chat feature enabled representatives across the three schools and multiple majors to interact with prospective students. 

Reflection on Artifact 2A, 2B, and 2C

Planning for this project began approximately six months in advance. It included consultants from Virtual Event Space, enrollment managers from each of the three schools involved in the event, and members of the School of Nursing Recruitment Team. I believe this artifact exemplifies my ability to manage multiple stakeholders, financial resources across several departments, and communication to thousands of prospective students to achieve a highly successful virtual event. I learned a great deal about virtual events and what I would do differently if I am ever tasked to develop events such as this in the future. Artifact 2A is a PDF recap of the event, and artifacts 2B and 2C are screenshots of the virtual information booths and conference floors.

Artifact 2 Screenshot 2B

Artifact 2C

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