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Diversity of Learners

Candidates foster a learning community that empowers learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.

Description of Artifact

Created for GDIT 715 "Learning Theories and Instructional Design" with Dr. Kush, this artifact is a blog assignment to discuss the differences in learning needs of people from various backgrounds and life circumstances.  Since instructional designers will be tasked with developing learning modules and lessons for learners of varied backgrounds and ages, this artifact speaks to those differences. Considerations for learner differences and how instructional designers may adapt strategies for diverse audiences/learners were discussed.


Although this artifact falls somewhat short of the indicator, I believe it does fairly well in exploring the differences between people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders.  As an "older learner" myself, I was able to draw from my own experiences for this assignment. I also explored the literature for recommendations for instructional designers who work with diverse populations.  For example, Chinese students may prefer more visual instruction, given the image-based appearance of Chinese characters.  

Screenshot of paper written for assignment
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