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Collaborative Practice

Candidates collaborate with their peers and subject matter experts to analyze learners, develop and design instruction, and evaluate its impact on learners.

Description of Artifact 1

Artifact 1 comes from a collaborative assignment in GDIT 716 "Design of the Learner Experience" in Summer 2021 with Dr. Carbonara, in which my classmates and I discuss understanding learner needs and the user experience (UX) lifecycle. This project discusses how to organize work activities and how to synthesize work through the Work Activity Affinity Diagram (WAAD).

Reflection on Artifact 1

I believe the artifact demonstrates the collaborative activities with my classmates as we evaluated various types of leaders and how to design the user experience to meet learner needs.  Special attention was paid to drive stories within the experience, organizing instruction, obtaining feedback, and more. Although the assignment discusses the impact of UX on learners, it does not go as deeply as it could on the evaluation portion of this standard. 

Artifact 1

Screenshot of powerpoint project

Artifact 2 (video)

Description of Artifact 2

Artifact 2 comes from a collaborative assignment in GDIT 714 "Leadership and Education" in Fall 2022 with Dr. Kush"to interview a leader or a panel of leaders in instructional technology.  The project chosen for this artifact was an interview with Dr. Stephanie Wilsey who is the Vice President of Academic Affairs with Portage Learning, an online program housed within Geneva College. 

Reflection on Artifact 2

The discussion with Dr. Wilsey was informative as she discussed her role with Portage Learning and how she and her team begin the process of developing online courses. Dr. Wilsey discussed the number of people, equipment, physical space, and resources required to create online courses. She also discussed the process for overhauling existing courses to be sure the content is current and appears fresh for a quality user design experience.  This artifact is a bit of reinterpretation of the collaborative practice standard, but I believe it fits reasonably well given the collaborative nature of our conversation and her description of the level of collaboration required to be successful in the online learning space.

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