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Candidates use multiple assessment strategies to collect data for informing decisions to improve instructional practice, learner outcomes, and the learning environment.

Description of Artifact

Created for GDIT 712 "Ethics and Social Justice in a Digital Age" in Fall 2022 with Dr. Kush, this assignment was to expose class participants to ethical areas in education. This is an infographic to depict the extent of the book bans and gag orders currently being proposed (and sometimes legislation being passed) in the United States.  


I believe that the artifact presented here addresses the indicator by serving as an example of collecting information and data as a method to improve instructional practice and the learning environment.  This is also a broadened examination of the ethics of current events impacting education such as book bans and educational gag orders. At the time of the course, book bans at school, county, and state levels were an issue. It is important for educators and instructional designers to understand policies which affect learning outcomes and the instructional environment.

Screenshot of book ban assignment
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