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Candidates lead their peers in designing and implementing technology-supported learning.

Description of Artifact

Artifacts 1A and 1B were developed for GDIT 701 "Professional Leadership in Technology" in Fall 2020, with Dr. Margolis. The assignment was to develop a learning module and to take the lead on implementation. The learning module covered developing the module by drawing from course assignments and readings, current literature, and a possible roll-out within our educational system. 


I believe the two artifacts presented here reach the indicator as they explore leadership in designing and bringing about technology-supported learning by creating a learning module centered around educating key university stakeholders on how to recruit, train, and work with members of the newest college-aged generation, Gen Z.  Artifact 1A explores the complexity theory around delivering the module by describing the key stakeholders and how they fit together. Artifact 1B is a representation of the learning module which was proposed, along with what participants will do in each week of instruction. 

Artifact 1A

screenshot of complexity theory assignment

Artifact 1B

Screenshot of project
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