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Theoretical Foundations

Candidates demonstrate foundational knowledge of the contribution of research to the past and current theory of educational communications and technology.

Description of Artifact

This artifact comes from GREV 721 "Research Methods" in Spring 2021 with Dr. Stokes. The assignment was to develop a prospectus for research on a topic of interest to us which also allowed a connection to our areas of study.  A look at research design and methodology were explored along with how to conduct a comprehensive literature review.  


I believe this project reaches the indicator because it describes a research project on the use of training with instructional technology to improve the satisfaction of veterans who must use prosthetic devices. I chose the topic because my father (himself an amputee while in the military when he was 18 years old) was learning how to use a new electronic leg. As his frustrations grew with how to use the leg, I noticed a gap in the training he received. The engineers had developed a good product but no one considered that some type of training needed to occur.  Thus, the idea for this prospectus was developed to research how instructional technology may enhance the experience of veterans as they learn to use their prosthetic devices.

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