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Candidates use multiple assessment strategies to collect data for informing decisions to improve instructional practice, learner outcomes, and the learning environment

Description of Artifact

I created this artifact for GDIT 701 "Professional Leadership in Instructional Technology" in Fall 2020 with Dr. Margolis. For this final course assignment, which was to create a learning module that solves a problem within our sub-field of choice, using instructional technology to solve a problem of practice. The assignment noted that the project must also explain how we would roll out the module and gain buy-in within our educational system. 


This artifact discusses creating a workshop series on how to work with "Gen Z" students for college administrators, and how a college may go about overhauling the admissions process for prospective students.  Also included is a description of collecting data as part of the proposal, a description of the learning environment in which the module would take place, and a discussion of learner outcomes.  The assignment also includes the methods in which instructional technology would be used to deliver the module, along with how to gain buy-in from campus constituencies prior to implementation.

Screenshot of a paper written for the assignment
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