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Candidates apply research methodologies to solve problems and enhance practice.

Description of Artifact

Created in GREV 610 "Educational Statistics II" in Spring 2022 with Dr. Bhowmick, this project explores a problem in our personal or professional roles.  A presentation of the background of the problem, research questions, and hypothesis were included. Methodology, statistical modeling, and analysis were among the requirements for the assignment.


I believe this artifact is well connected to the indicator because it applies research methods and statistics to solve a problem. As the Director of Admissions in the School of Nursing, I am often approached by faculty to discuss standardized tests as a measure of performance in the program. Faculty and staff often (anecdotally) observe that the new classes do not seem as well qualified as previous classes and attribute what they see as lower performance of students to standardized (ACT or SAT) scores. This artifact is a research paper and statistical analysis of standardized test scores from entering freshman classes of 2020 and 2021, comparing their scores to performance in the nursing program. I believe this project is an example of how research methods and statistics can help with data-driven decisions.  In this case, whether or not to continue waiving standardized test scores or to return to requiring them.  The School of Nursing has opted to make standardized tests optional for the foreseeable future.

Screenshot of project
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