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Candidates establish mechanisms for maintaining the technology infrastructure to improve learning and performance.

Description of Artifact

This project was created in GDIT 701 "Professional Leadership in Instructional Technology" in Fall 2020 with Dr. Margolis. The assignment was to interview a leader in instructional technology who is working in an area which is connected to my sub-field of interest. A recording of the interview was required, along with the coding system used to break the interview down into thematic areas.  


The standard of "managing" is a growth area for me, but I believe this artifact connects to the indicator through the discussion of how to manage technology and learners from a technology administrator's perspective.  For the assignment, I selected Mr. Joe Seidel, Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology in the School of Nursing. During the interview, Mr. Seidel discussed his role in administering 15 online programs, some of the challenges he faces, and how he overcomes those challenges. I learned a great deal from the conversation about how he works to maintain technology and the learning architecture to enable the School of Nursing to deliver consistent, reliable online instruction.  

Screenshot of coding project
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