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Candidates design and implement assessment and evaluation plans that align with learning goals and instructional activities.

Description of Artifact

I created this artifact in GDIT 705 "Cognition and Instructional Design" in Spring 2021 with Dr. Carbonara. The assignment was to explore The Signaling and Cueing principles in multimedia design. In addition to exploring the variables of signaling and cueing, students were asked to develop an evaluation of good design principles and designs that could have been better. 


I believe this artifact mostly meets the indicator because it considers design and evaluation along with exploring the signaling and cueing principles of multimedia design. The survey developed for this assignment presents the viewer with two signs and asks them which would be an example of good design, using the multimedia principles discussed in the course. This survey would enable the researcher to learn more about what signaling and cueing methods appeal to general learners.   

Screenshot of project
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