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Candidates demonstrate the ability to create instructional materials and learning environments using a variety of systems approaches.


This artifact comes from an Integrated Thematic Unit (ITU) I created for "Teaching with Technology Across the Curriculum" (GILT 520) in Summer 2022 with Dr. Kush. My ITU was a course I created on Kinesiology. I set it up as an online course, taking students through weekly lessons on body language, psychology, fundamentals of neuromuscular structure, etc. Each lesson included the use of varied methods and media to reduce cognitive load.  Diving further into the assignment, I created a PDF overview of the course to explain the choices I made for each week's lesson.  


I believe this project demonstrates the ability to create instructional designs based upon learning theories and using a variety of instructional methods. Decreasing cognitive load was considered as I designed each lesson, including breaking down the information into smaller, more manageable bits of information. The design principles included use of graphics as forms of cueing and signaling to guide users through the content, along with color theory. Included with this artifact is the actual course website, a syllabus, and the course overview to explain the elements of each lesson.

Course website

Screenshot of a website

Course syllabus

Screenshot of a course syllabus

Course overview

Screenshot of a PDF overview of a course
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