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Candidates design and select media, technology, and processes that emphasize the diversity of our society as a multicultural community.

Description of Artifact

For this artifact, created for GDIT 705 "Cognition and Instructional Design" in Spring 2021 with Dr. Carbonara, my classmates and I created a presentation to discuss the Learner Principle, which puts learners in the driver's seat when it comes to selecting the pace and sequencing of their learning.  The presentation also includes comparisons of different learner-controlled technology such as Pear Deck and Prodigy, and even has an interactive component so classmates could try the technologies for themselves.


Since it is important to design instruction and select technology to emphasize diversity of the types of learners we will encounter, I believe this project closely reaches the standard.  Learners of various backgrounds and abilities can shape their own learning through the self-paced technologies presented.  In learner-controlled environments, students can rewind, fast-forward, and repeat games/lessons as many times as they wish, which will further support learning and reduce cognitive load. Although on the surface one may not connect this project to ethics in a strict sense, when reading the description of this standard, I believe it addresses the standard well by considering the diversity of our learners and how they learn.

Screenshot of powerpoint assignment
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