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Candidates create instructional design products based on learning principles and research-based best practices.

Description of Artifact

My classmates and I created these artifacts (1A and 1B) for GDIT 716 "Design of the Learner Experience" in Summer 2021 with Dr. Carbonara.  The assignment was to go through the developmental stages of designing an educational tool based upon UX (user experience) principles, and learning support theories.  The group researched a need in the marketplace, discussed needs with potential users, and moved through the wire-framing steps of developing a clinical application (app) to support students and faculty in the clinical experiences for Physician Assistant, Nursing, and Pharmacy programs.


These artifacts demonstrate the progression of developing a product through research, design, and instructional technology best practices to develop a usable product which will support both students and faculty in learning and clinical environments.  Here, the weekly progression document (1A) shows the product progression from beginning to end.  The presentation slides (1B) provide a simpler overview of the steps the team took to develop a prototype of an application called "Clinical Go" for use by students who are experiencing clinical rotations in Physician Assistant, Nursing, and Pharmacy. The app uses current medication information, note taking about experiences, proximity sensors to tell instructors when students arrive at their clinical sites and the time they spend there, as well as when they exit their clinical areas.  

Artifact 1A

Screenshot of wireframe project

Artifact 1B

Screenshot of powerpoint project
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