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Candidates foster a learning environment in which ethics guide practice that promotes health, safety, best practice, and respect for copyright, Fair Use, and appropriate open access to resources.

Description of Artifact

This artifact is evidence of my completion of the CITI program which trains researchers on how to project human subjects during the research process. Ethical issues surrounding human subjects and guidance on current regulations were also covered.


This artifact seemed to be the most direct connection to the indicator as it documents my training on ethical behaviors and guidelines when working with human research subjects. This was the first training I took as I was about to begin the EdD program in 2020, and sets the tone for a lifetime of inquiry.  I learned about working with IRB, researching vulnerable populations, and more.  The course also covered ethical and regulatory guidelines when working with human subjects. However, the artifact falls short of covering Fair Use and open access.

Screenshot of CITI certificate
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