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Candidates demonstrate ethical behavior within the applicable cultural context during all aspects of their work and with respect for the diversity of learners in each setting.

Description of Artifact

This artifact was created in GREV 701 "Research Methods" in Fall 2020 with Dr. Lopez-Levers. The assignment was to attend a conference on climate change on the Duquesne University Campus and then to write a research proposal on the topic.  Areas of generational difference and ethnic diversity, as well as sustainability and the role of government, should be explored.


I believe this artifact meets the indicator fairly well.  It is not a perfect match to the description above, but  the paper presented for this artifact discusses culture and diversity, along with many ethical concerns involving people from various cultures and levels of government.  The questionnaire described in the proposal could allow the researcher to broaden their understanding of the ethics behind climate change.

Screenshot of project
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